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OLIA COMMODITIES is a specialized fuel trading business that focuses on niche markets, providing value
addedservices and delivering returns to our investors. Our primary expertise l ies in the trading of A1 Jet fuel and Diesel products.

As a regulated and licensed business, we place a strong emphasis on internal compliance and have dedicated
finance and banking teams. These teams ensure that all our financial transactions and activities adhere to the highest standards of regulatory compliance. By maintaining strict compliance measures, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and accountability in our operations.

Operating globally, we have established ourselves as a trusted player in the wholesale fuel industry. Our main offices are strategically located in Port Louis, Mauritius, and Geneva, Switzerland under the Trustqore banner.

Additionally, we are actively working towards expanding our presence in the United Arab Emirates by the fourth
quarter of 2023. With robust trading and business relationships deeply rooted in the petroleum industry, we effectively manage all aspects of sales and purchasing. This includes ensuring a reliable supply of products on a global scale. Our main areas of operation are in Rotterdam, Houston, and our Marine Diesel bunkering in Mauritius

While we have diversified our portfolio to include a range of commodity products such as crude oil and
petrochemicals, our specialization remains focused on A1 Jet fuel and Diesel trading. This specialized knowledge allows us to cater to the specific requirements of our clients, providing them with tailored solutions and value-added services.

At OLIA COMMODITIES, we take great pride in our commitment to delivering returns to our investors and generating positive business outcomes. We actively pursue social responsibility initiatives and prioritize environmental sustainability, integrating best practices into our operations. By upholding strong internal compliance standards and leveraging our dedicated finance and banking teams, we ensure that our business operations are conducted in a responsible and ethical manner.

Aviation Kerosene, also known as Jet Fuel or Aviation Turbine Fuel, is a specialized type of fuel designed exclusively for aviation purposes. Among the various grades available, Aviation Kerosene A1 stands out as the industry standard for commercial and military aircraft.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), is a revolutionary fuel that sets a new benchmark for cleanliness and performance in the diesel industry. With an incredibly low sulfur content of just 10 parts per million (ppm), this advanced fuel represents a significant leap forward in environmental responsibility.

EN590 Diesel is a premium fuel that adheres to the European standard EN 590, setting the benchmark for diesel quality and performance. This fuel is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern diesel engines, delivering optimal efficiency and power.

Values and Ethics

Unleashing Possibilities: Embracing Innovation and Seizing Opportunities

At OLIA Commodities, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of progress, constantly seeking new and innovative solutions to maximize our potential. We believe in exploring every opportunity that comes our way, pushing boundaries to achieve excellence.

Unified for Success: Collaborating as One Team for Greater Impact

We understand the power of teamwork. At OLIA Commodities, we work together as a cohesive unit, leveraging each other’s strengths and sharing knowledge to achieve remarkable results. By fostering a culture of collaboration and unity, we amplify our collective impact and drive meaningful outcomes.

Built on Trust: Delivering on Promises with Transparency and Integrity

Trust is the foundation of our business. At OLIA Commodities, we value open collaboration and operate with unwavering integrity. We are committed to addressing what truly matters to our stakeholders, consistently delivering on our promises. For us, there is no other way of doing business than with honesty, transparency, and reliability.

A Commitment to Integrity: Guided by Values in Interactions

OLIA Commodities upholds a strong commitment to integrity in all our interactions. We believe in acting with fairness, justice, and the common good. These values are not just words; we actively encourage every individual within our company to practice them, fostering a workplace where integrity flourishes collectively.

At OLIA Commodities, we are dedicated to driving positive change in the industry while staying true to our values. Our pursuit of innovation, teamwork, trust, and integrity sets us apart, propelling us towards a future of sustainable growth and mutual success.

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